The Words

Breeding Pits

Dark one breeds, creatures of evil
In this place, far beneath the
land of light, they shall never
see its face. They are now his slaves

Breeding pits
Vile construction
Flesh deformed
Mind corrupted
Fusing skin
Meld into one
Collapsed minds
Serving his will

Centuries, of festering morbidity
has bred, misshapen forms
that will rise, from the dark lands
and will slay, all before their path

Breeding pits
Twisted forms writhing
Spawned in hell
Unleashed on earth
Tremble in fear
Your world's destruction
Challenge their strength
And surely you'll perish

Shadowy realm
Regents of sin
Nameless horrors stalk
Untouched by the sun
A pale birth
Bound into service
No need to wonder
You pass from this earth


Once upon a night when dreams were full of hate,
Death called on me in a form most foul.
My sweat soaked sheets did little to warm my heart and soul
'Gainst this visage of evil perched upon my breast.

Let it be done.

Why have you come? What have I done? How can this be?
Do not speak, not a sound, and, my friend, you'll see.
Make not a move and perhaps I will live.
Offer a gift of your flesh and your life I may give.

Grave indeed the situation seemed, and destined to end in loss of life.
Sanity, endangered by my fears, well-engendered also seemed to signal doom.
Herald of darkness, this beast from beneath, feel the sanctity of ceremony fill you from within.
Complete the ritual, entrench your faith, and await the decision this mortal must make.

In his name

Perhaps I'm still sleeping, the land of dreams retains its hold.
I thrived in your nightmares, but I live in reality.
Those slavering jaws grin with delight.
Feel my breath on your face and prepare for...

In his name


The scent of fear drifts on the air,
bourne by wings of darkest black.
It falls upon you like the curtain of death
as you turn your back and lose all hope.

Place your neck in the hangman's noose
Bow your head to the executioner's blade,
Give in to the call of quiet death,
Feel the vultures pick your marrow clean

Don't want to face the terror
To view my unseen foe,
Embracing death I turn,
Turn to face the doom I know as...

I turn and gaze into its eyes

The stench and taste of battle fill your senses
The smell of burning flesh makes you gag
The ground is filled with dead and dying screams
The sounds creep into your mind's memory

There is a time when all men fail
Which proves more deadly than the plague
It makes your hands tremble, your heart quail
Your strength has left you, you're a fool

So come all stout of heart
All soldiers true and brave
Gaze into its eyes
See death and know its name, it's named...

I'm laughing at you now as you

The Eternal Champion

Higher than any mortal
Stronger than any foe
Chaos fears his power
While the demons fester below
He travels 'cross the land
In search of goblin's gore
He gives young warriors everywhere
Something to live life for
To live their lives for...

The eternal champion
N'er said with a frown
Once his strength has been unleashed
No one can bring him down

Honor to only that is good
Is the motto he stands for
To drain all evil's life blood

And kill all rotten to the core Those who challenge his power
Will surely meet their end
Who is this one of glory and might?
The eternal champion

The eternal champion
N'er said with a frown
Once his strength has been unleashed
No one can bring him down

Higher than any mortal
Stronger than any foe
Chaos fears his power
While the demons fester below
He travels 'cross the land
In search of goblin's gore
He gives young warriors everywhere
Something to live life for

Feeder Planet

Crafted in perfection, ancient out of time,
Beautiful but cold, merciless, malign
Holding to a failing wisdom, give in to the hunger
Conquering the cosmos, worshippers of hatred

Mightier than gods
Darkest shade of cruelty
Navigate the feedships
Tending herds of mortal prey
Planetoids of breeding
Tribute to malevolence
Carnaleptic feeding
Bloating of the foulest form

Cities built on the blood of the faithless
Machinery grinding to the rhythm of the dead
Decadence beyond the dreams of the wicked
Slowly birthing, a sickened mockery of life

Stellar madness silenced
Cities devoid of life
Horrific rites, forever gone
A bloodstained race has faded away

Flesh of the deceased, fertilize the burial ground
The undead circle of the horror you have found
Somewhere beyond the heavens, an ageold terror may sleep
Awaiting the call of the dead souls who believe
They'll restore the foulest order to its might
Damn generations (to) eternity of night

Remission Of Desperation

Cries from beyond the grave
Spirits swimming in condolence
The souls of the dead are risen
Screaming their immoral retribution

Stagnant is the lonely child
Ominous inside are his desperations
So be it lost in confusion
The evils of a passionate depression

He hears the call of the damned
The graveyard it beckons his name
Now there are reasons for lucidity
The burial site is his home

Remission of desperation

Dwelling amongst the gravestones
Communicating with the dead
A habitat of total seclusion
Remission of living with fear

Cries from beyond the grave
Spirits swimming in condolence
The souls of the dead are risen
Screaming their immoral retribution

To Serve

Master, take me from my life
And teach me the ritual of damnation.
Condemn my soul, to endless flame.
I seal the pact with the blood in your name.

Darken my mind with the knowledge which I seek.
Forbidden rites, empowered by the blood of the righteous weak.
See, my friend, I've known for all my life
glory to the darkest, worship without light.

To serve, to serve the power of your evil.
To serve, I crush the church and slay their feeble lord.
To serve, evil holds dominion over all the world.
I serve, I live to see the blind fool fall from grace.

Slaughtering the holy, sheep of the weak lord.
Bloodstained knife, mocks the crucifix adored.
Revel in the flesh, betray the holy trust.
Rejoicing all sins, praise the carnal lust.

Honor, pity, love, are things which I deny.
I live a ghoul's existence, within my master's eye.
All things just and honored feed the hate inside of me.
Burning in the flames is where my spirit yearns to be

My life, it will end, and my pleas will be ignored.
Death mocking me as my soul eludes my grasp.
Sorrow-filled and tortured, spiritual descent in terror.
Devil/God the same, as one, two-faced betrayer.

But that is not the end. My soul is not to rest.
The netherworld embraces a traitor to its race.
Pierce the skin, pluck the eyes, torment for all time.
From a throne of withered flesh, the dark lord wills your pain.

I lived to serve the force of evil.
In hate and killing I found the truth.
Destruction of god and all that's noble.
It was my doom, and therein lies myself.

Unknown Graves

The rain of dreadful reality is falling,
Gradually descending into unknown graves.
Impure remains soaked with blasphemy,
Forgotten forefathers of a meaningless race.

Pulling back the slab, you reveal a black abscess.
Forget your saneness and descend into the mindless cyst.
Spiraling beneath, above the pit of hell's abyss,
your awe changes to terror as you feel madness' caress.

Darkness as deep as the great void of space.
Light has no meaning in this god-cursed place.
You fool, you know no fear for the dark and unknown.
Enticed and deceived, you continue alone.

Earth of dust and withered, withered roots contort.
Stretching tendrils twist through catacombed mounds.
Caverns of gloom and lost memory, lost memory of time,
Confinement for all eternity, better left unfound.

Cyclopean ruins fill the vaulted gloom of beneath.
The greatest blasphemy of all and horror you can't conceive.
Your mind tries to take hold and remember what's reality.
Unconsciousness overcomes you as you pass from your sanity.

You sleep as if bewitched and the strugglings quickly cease.
Faded visions beyond the dreams of your mortality.
A land of immensity and splendor with which your world cannot compare
But those dwellers, those denizens, the spawn of every nightmare.

You awake and feel disgust and revulsion take hold on you.
A spasm of nausea passes, escape is all that you can do.
Fleeing in terror from the sepulcheral pit.
Forever comes and goes as you struggle free of it.

Life now holds no joy and you travel, travel to spread your word.
A visionary, a madman, well, perhaps, but of this you're sure...
In centuries past, an evil beyond compare on this world was done.
The human race was born to serve an evil untouched by the sun.

The Vomit Hounds

Endless hordes of evil are ravaging.
With them came the hounds.
Beings so vile, all fall before them.
They consume your people by the hundred.

Fate worse than death, they will not die
but fester within the hounds.
Combined with the foul stuff of chaos.
Their will to survive consumes them,
Manipulating forms with torment.

Gestating within the folds of flesh,
daemons, they beckon you forth.
Prepare for rebirth.
The embryo of foulness, screaming forth his name.
Larval form progressing, single-minded rage.

Horribly sickening,
now they rise.
Bursting forth screaming,
now you die.

Charnel pit, a place of grotesqueness.
Deep it delves, mirroring darkness.
Hounds approaching, pregnant with nausea.
Vomit oozes, a heap of unlife.

From the refuse rises, hideous leering beings,
gibbering with their madness.
Sickly pale and shivering, shaking in the sun,
seeking flesh to stop the burning.