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"I first discovered Eldritch Horror when I was a teenager, going to death metal shows in the early 90's. I was, and still am, a big fan of the underground and then a lot of great bands were emerging. The problem, in America at least, was after the first wave a lot of bands really didn't have their own original sound.

The death metal scene quickly was becoming stale, with copycat bands seemingly formed every week! Even at my young age, it seemed there suddenly weren't bands that left a lasting impression on you, with great memorable songs. Where was a band that gave you that amazing feeling when you heard Death Leprosy? Where is a band that grabs you by the throat the way Carcass did?

Well, that band for me was Eldritch Horror. In a sea of clones, they rose from the depths with a truly wicked, haunting, exciting yet memorable batch of underground classics that took me by storm. Invoking the same excitement of the legendary bands before them, they ripped forth one genre defining song after another. It truly felt like they were going to take over the underground, Eldritch was the future of death metal. And then... it's over.

Once guitarist Dennis Shaw moved to Florida in 1993, we saw the death knell of death metal as we knew it in our area. The hope of extreme metal in Raleigh, NC, suddenly became a memory to those who were lucky to be there to see it. In my travels to different metal fests through the years, I can't tell you how many times I've told people "Man, you should have heard this band from NC, Eldritch Horror. They were incredible." So many people didn't have a chance to appreciate the great music they made... until now.

Finally, Untouched by the Sun, the debut from Eldritch Horror has been released on an unsuspecting world. The album proves one thing above all to me, that these songs are timeless. These anthems of destruction are just as powerful as they were in the early 90's. They have lost none of the brutal melody, none of the sheer unique terror in their razor sharp delivery. This is not the album from 1993, it's THE album of 2015. If you call yourself a death metal fan, a true supporter of the underground and all it's power, do not miss this album. This is death metal at it's finest..."

-Chris Bennett/Widow