Untouched By The Sun

Self released on June 26, 2015. Full length 9 song album recorded, produced, and mastered by Dennis Shaw.

Note: There was an "Untouched By The Sun" 3-song demo recorded in 1993 but was never released. Track listing: "To Serve", "Remission Of Desperation", and "Unknown Graves".

Midnight Offerings (Compilation 1992)

Released by King Fowley's With Your Teeth Records, this was the first compilation released by the label featuring many unsigned Death Metal bands from the United States.

Featured Song: Remission Of Desperation

Dwelling Beneath (Demo 1991)

The first demo released by Eldritch Horror featuring 5 songs.

Track Listing:

  • 01. Breeding Pits
  • 02. Unremembered Past
  • 03. Dwelling Beneath
  • 04. Despair
  • 05. The Eternal Champion