Eldritch Horror was formed on New Year's Day 1990, when John Placko (drums), Dennis Shaw (guitar) and David Price (guitar/vocals) began practicing at John's house. While initially rehearsing songs by bands such as Metallica, Sepultura, Sodom, Bolt Thrower, and the like, Eldritch Horror quickly began working on their own original songs as well. David's brother John Price joined the band on bass once they started to get the chance to perform at local parties and, later, clubs. The band's initial influences were thrash bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer, as well as early death and black metal such as Bathory, Venom, Sepultura, Sodom, Bolt Thrower, Death, Obituary, and Kreator. Also, the crossover and hardcore punk scene led by D.R.I., Sick of it All, Minor Threat, C.O.C. (the early albums), and others, was a big influence on Eldritch Horror's sound and identity. After several successful local shows, Eldritch Horror recorded their first demo tape, "Dwelling Beneath", in 1991. "Dwelling Beneath" consisted of 5 original songs, with cover art and a logo created by their friend Todd Broadwater of the Maryland band Carrion Lord. The band was very involved in underground tape trading and traded their demo extensively with metalheads and zines throughout the world.

Not long after the release of "Dwelling Beneath", John Price left and was replaced by Jeff Fischer. The band worked hard to hone their songwriting and performing skills, eventually dropping all cover songs from their set. During this period, Eldritch Horror played many shows in NC with a variety of thrash metal and punk bands. One show in Chapel Hill proved to be significant because David's long-ailing amplifier finally died 10 minutes into the show, and he was forced to finish the show only on vocals. Afterward, David told the rest of the band that he had enjoyed just singing so much that he wanted the band to look for another guitarist, and from this point on, they would be a 5-piece. Soon, Scott Neely joined the band on guitar, and Jeff Fischer was replaced by Bo King on bass. In 1992, the band recorded a track, "Remission of Desperation", for a CD collection called "Midnight Offerings", which was being released by underground metal legend, King Fowley of the band Deceased on his With Your Teeth Records label. Not long after "Midnight Offerings", Bo King left the band and Eldritch Horror was rejoined by Jeff Fischer. They soon recorded 2 new songs and released them in early 1993, along with their previous recording of "Remission of Desperation", as a second demo tape, entitled "Untouched by the Sun". After many more live shows with this lineup, Scott Neely departed and was replaced by Robbie Lewis on guitar. In December of 1993, one of the founding members, Dennis Shaw, decided to relocate to pursue a career move and Eldritch Horror played what was to be their last show for over 12 years. The band decided to try to continue on and were joined by Mikey Bruce on guitar for several months before the remaining original members, David Price and John Placko, decided that Eldritch Horror had run its course.

Leading up to now, Eldritch Horror reformed and played two reunion shows. One in late 2006 for a benefit show to assist with funerary expenses for a deceased member of the Raleigh, NC music scene and another a few months later. For both shows, Dennis Shaw, John Placko, Scott Neely, and David Price were joined by longtime friend and Eldritch Horror roadie, Robb Hewlett (Soul Preacher, Horseskull), on bass.

It wasn't until late 2013, when Dennis Shaw, Bo King, and David Price began discussing the possibility of reforming the band for good. They soon started jamming together with David and Dennis on guitars, and Bo King on bass. Soon they were able to coax John Placko out of his short retirement (he had been playing drums in a wide variety of excellent, mainly hardcore punk bands since Eldritch Horror originally split up), and a new member, Graham Farrell, was recruited to play guitar so David could return to concentrating on vocals. After several local shows, Eldritch Horror recorded their long-awaited debut album, "Untouched by the Sun" in early 2015. The full-length album is a re-recording of all the definitive Eldritch Horror tracks from the past and was self released in June of 2015.

Eldritch Horror is currently writing their next album and preparing for a few select shows to test out new material on live audiences. Look out for Eldritch Horror at a venue near you.


David Price - Vocals

Growing up on healthy doses of early metal, David was always a guitar player first, yet as a founding member became a central songwriter for the band. But it wasn't until he dropped the guitar to concentrate solely on vocal duties, that his true calling became clear. As a Death Metal vocalist, David ranks up there with the top performers in the field. His power, delivery, and surprising clarity for extreme vocals remain unparrelled in the genre today. His songwriting, intense lyrical themes, and knack for knowing exactly what he wants to hear, helped define, and continues to shape Eldritch Horror.


  • Telefunken Microphones
  • Crown Power Amps

Dennis Shaw - Guitars/Vocals

Dennis started out as a big fan of power metal and technical speed metal before being introduced to heavier bands such as Death and, later, Carcass. His consistently excellent performance abilities and creative songwriting set the tone for every single Eldritch Horror song. His confidence, professionalism, and intensity, keep Eldritch Horror thrashing!


  • PRS Guitars
  • Ibanez Guitars
  • Charvel Guitars
  • Mesa Boogie Amplification
  • EVH Amplification
  • Sennheiser Microphones

Graham Farrell - Guitars

Being the youngest member of Eldritch Horror, Graham has come onboard and proven himself as an integral part of the band's dual guitar assault. He has injected a youthful exuberence and energy to help reignite the band and push bounderies further. His amazing feel and "soulful" lead style adds another compelling dimension to Eldritch Horror's music.


  • Jackson Guitars
  • Ibanez Guitars
  • Mesa Boogie Amplification

Bo King - Bass

Showcasing his versatility and musicality, Bo takes inspiration from a variety of styles, including metal, punk, pop, rock, classical, and bluegrass, to enhance Eldritch Horror's sound. Not solely limited to bass, Bo is also an accomplished guitar player/songwriter and during Eldritch Horror's lengthy hiatus, he released several albums and toured the world with his punk rock band, Brodie.


  • Ritter Roya Basses
  • Pedula Basses
  • Markbass Amplification
  • Mesa Boogie Amplification

John Placko - Drums

A veteran of the Raleigh scene, and a part of such notable acts as Negative State and Man Will Destroy Himself, not much more can be said about John that isn't already known. As a founding member of the band and key songwriter, his Hardcore Punk and Thrash upbringing has served him well as he brings a raw and unique spin to Eldritch Horror's music. With an unmistakable identifiable style, John combines the necessary power and speed with the priceless ability to just slow down and groove that keep the Eldritch Horror drums sounding dynamic and interesting.


  • Pearl Drums
  • DW Pedals
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Zildjian Cymbals